What We Do

Spot On specialises in designing and building custom WordPress websites.

We provide training in WordPress to clients and offer ongoing website maintenance – looking after updates, back-ups and content edits.

WordPress Rescue

Back in the early days, clients used to come to us running scared from non-responsive, or downright evil, website developers. We’d ‘rescue’ them, get their website and domain back into their control and make them feel all safe and confident again.
Nowadays, we are still rescuing people, this time from anonymous attackers and hackers. You can spot something has gone wrong, when you:
– google your business and see some strange text where your site description should be
– see your website has disappeared altogether, or has an error/warning about your database
– just see things are not working right, or you are being inundated with spam comments

Well, we’re here to help. Give us a call and we’ll find out what’s gone wrong and get to work on fixing it.